About TFIB

The First International Business (FZE) is recognized as one of the leaders in development of international business in the Middle East. With the corporate head office based in the UAE, TFIB has been able to cater to local conception of numerous international businesses due to the country's strategic location and a dynamic economy. Utilizing UAE's unique centralized time zone that combines East & West business hours, TFIB has become a reputable gateway for several international investors to establish their trade in this investment friendly and tax free economy.


As a company driven by a passion for service and commitment, The First International Business (FZE) has a foundational value comprising of a two word component - 'Clients First.' TFIB provides various services to enhance client's trading relations with other companies locally and abroad. A few of our primary services are listed below:


As a corporate mission, TFIB places 'Clients First' and hopes to foster an environment that allows the business community to thrive within the region as well as abroad.

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